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February 24, 2022

Joka is ahead of the curve in terms of amenities for residential living

BBY BougainVillas Admin

‘If you build it, they will come.’ This is the standard wisdom governing shops and conveniences in residential areas. First come builders and construction workers, residents and home owners; followed by shops and stores of all kinds—grocery stores, stationeries, kindergartens, weekly markets, doctors’ chambers, cycle repair shops, pharmacies, hospitals, even fast food centres. In these terms, Joka is a bit of an outlier, since it already provides the infrastructure that supports daily domestic life.

Diamond Harbour Road and James Long Sarani have been inhabited for many years, their history going back to the mid 1800s when the priest James Long founded his school there. In the last few decades, residential development on both sides of these main thoroughfares has progressed hastily. But now, in a systemtatic expansion southward, Joka has become the new favourite of real estate developers, who are eager to develop apartments and bungalows near Joka.

Given their popularity and great connectivity, Joka and nearby regions like Thakurpukur and Behala Chowrasta, are sufficiently equipped with schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping centres, daily markets, banks, and colleges. Here is a list of come local businesses relevant for residents in Joka:



Shopping & Entertainment



Further, the upcoming metro infrastructure will substantially enhance connectivity. Closest to Gems Bougainvillas is the Joka metro station, only 4.2 km on Bakrahat Road; and further down Diamond Harbour Road is Thakurpukur metro station. For families living in the vicinity, Joka offers all domestic concerns and needs, without much need for further development, although that is another aspect of growth home-buyers are looking forward to.

This ready-made quality of the region makes it the best residential location in Kolkata, and explains its great popularity among developers and home-buyers alike.

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