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January 28, 2022

Large families (of 5-6 members) prefer bungalows in South Kolkata

BBY BougainVillas Admin

For decades, people have been declaring the death of the nuclear family. This might be an emerging phenomenon but it is in no way ubiquitous, as is proven by the great popularity of bungalows among large families of Kolkata.

While many families have splintered into nuclear units, there are still many who live together; most of these are families living with one or both in-laws, or may have more than two children, or joint families with extended members living together. Their needs cannot be serviced by regular 2bhk or 3bhk apartments. They need ample clear space indoors, sufficient space for storage, and may even need more than a single large bedroom. Bungalows can meet these needs more competently than flats in large residential complexes.

More clear space at home

Large families have more furniture, possess more items to store, and need more chairs around the table, but they also need more free space at home. Without ample openness, even new flats can feel tight and inadequate. Typically, apartments with a lot of openness have high square-feet rates and are not very accessible. On the flipside, a bungalow offers more space since utilities, furniture and walls can be spread out. The living room is more spacious and bungalows provide more opportunity for common space; the design limitations are fewer and the floor plan offers more breathing space.

Ample space for utilities and furniture

By dividing the living space among two floors, the bungalows at Gems Bougainvillas offer more space for furniture, utilities and storage. Apartments cannot offer the sheer number of nooks and spots like a bungalow, which has the luxury of space under the stairs, common area on the first floor landing, a private terrace, etc. These spaces are ultimately put to use by families for utilities like washing machine, clothesline, dryer, oven, storage units, etc.

Outdoor private space in bungalows

Apartments cannot match the openness that bungalows can offer – particularly in terms of outdoor private area. All bungalows at Bougainvillas have a front garden, open space on the side, a backyard lawn, and a private terrace. These are spaces entirely outside the scope of flats, and lend a great degree of freedom, privacy and independence to families.

These are some of the broad reasons why bungalows offer more space, but there is more to it. Bungalows are independent units and wholly subvert the idea of a ‘shared space’, which is what apartment complexes operate on. This independence is both practical and psychological, since bungalow-residents are free to use the terrace as they please, and at whichever time; the outdoor space can be used for parties without permission or consensus from other residents, and other such situations.

As it turns out, bungalows offer large families just what they seek: more free space, more independence and adequate space for furniture and utilities. Many of these families are discovering the bungalows at Bougainvillas and prefer bungalows in South Kolkata instead of tightly packed 3bhk flats. Moreover, a property like a bungalow is appropriately located away from the crowd, but close to Joka Metro station, making them a good choice for first home living.

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