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December 18, 2022

Joka welcomes its first very own mall

BBY BougainVillas Admin
Residents of Joka, like in Gems Bougainvillas, will be enthralled to know that soon they will have a top-grade, fully air-conditioned mall in their midst. It will be located right on Diamond Harbour Road in the Joka-Thakurpukur section and promises to be the city’s first mall in the fast-developing south-western environs of Kolkata.

What is most heartening to know is that the city-based real estate developer of the mall is one with considerable expertise in managing malls after developing Acropolis, a most popular mall on the Rashbehari Connector in south Kolkata’s Kasba; and is also a partner in South City Mall, one of the most successful mall brands in eastern India. High expectations are only to be expected. One can hardly wait to see what lies in store for the lucky denizens of the vast catchment area that lies north of the mall up to Taratala and south of the property going all the way to Amtala, which real estate experts believe the mall will cater to.

Not surprisingly, the developer plans to name the mall Acropolis South, extending the Acropolis brand legacy across the city after setting up the first a decade ago after which it has gone on to become one of south Kolkata’s most popular.

You will need to hold your horses for a while though… It will take another 18 months for Acropolis South to become operational. It will add close to 3.5 lakh square feet of prime retail space in the city, where demand for top-grade malls is outpacing supply for a myriad reason. The positioning of brands in the mall will be mid-to-upper segment, given the profile of the greater Behala locality.

The closest competitor to Acropolis South will be a proposed mall yet to come up in Alipore, nearly 8 kilometres away…

Be that as it may, let us, as Joka residents, look forward finally to a convenient venue for the best lifestyle brands, eats and entertainment without going far from home. Even though there’s no place like home, it also is a good idea to get out of it every once in a while! Acropolis South will provide that short and quick respite from the busy and hectic schedule you keep. You can come here to just walk around for a bit and do some window shopping. You don’t necessarily need to buy anything. It’s like a nice little rest stop or a place that offers a change of scenery. Whatever you may say, if one wants a little action and adventure, then a mall is a great option!

After the unenviable Covid episode, let us look forward to the ever-so-important human and personal touch that Acropolis South will provide: As our world starts to re-open, we will be able to shop where we can have an actual conversation with store personnel and employees in an upscale, highly efficient environment away from the heat and dust. Nothing beats having a live person to ask any number of questions about a certain product. This is something that online shopping cannot easily match.

Something else that needs to be touched upon because it is rarely visible on the surface is how the new mall will provide a symbiotic relationship with the community by contributing to its profitability. It will provide more work opportunities to those within the community. It will make earning a little bit more convenient, as you do not have to take that long commute far out to other parts of Kolkata.

In praise of malls, here is an interesting remark, “Like it or not, the middle class became global citizens through consumerism—and they did so at the mall.” What an opportunity for the consumers of Joka as they welcome their first very own mall.

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