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November 23, 2022

Alpine 4BHK luxury bungalows in Joka, Kolkata, with a minimalistic touch

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Set up on 2.25 katha of land, Alpine is an exquisitely designed 4BHK bungalow that doubles the living experience by merging the indoors with the outdoors. The design draws on minimalism and uses simplicity to convey luxury across 1585 sq. ft. of built- up area covering a ground floor, first-floor and private rooftop terrace, including covered portions of parking area, front lawn, steps and landings. Wide balconies are lined with planter beds and the use of glass and wood enhance the beauty of the greenery all around.

At the ground level, 450 sq. ft. of front and side lawn beckon. The former is raised on a deck and is absolutely irresistible. The backyard lawn of 208 sq. ft. area is ideal for a kitchen garden or your favourite shrubbery of ferns and flowers. The parking area of 233 sq. ft. is good for two cars.

Climb up a few steps into the elegant ground floor interior which has a carpet area of 542 sq. ft. First stop is the drawing room to your left with an awesome view of the raised front lawn, almost on level with the full length windows. A dining room with an adjoining balcony is to the right of the long corridor. The ground floor bedroom with attached bath is right at the end of the corridor which too has an adjoining balcony overlooking the side lawn. A spacious kitchen and servant’s quarter make up the rest of the 729 sq. ft. built up area on the ground floor.

Two flights of stairs…two landings and you are on the first floor comprising 605 sq. ft. of built-up area. There are three bedrooms and two toilets on this floor, radiating out of landing corridor that expands at the centre into a private family sitting area. Two bedrooms even have adjacent balconies and one an alluring planter bed for pretty flowers, to make your mornings cheerful.

Final flight of steps on your private staircase…and you are on your own private rooftop terrace covering 596 sq. ft. of area. The roof has, what is known by architects as a pergola:

Advent of the Pergola

India is positioned approximately to the south and southwest of the Asian continent. Given its vastness it has a multiplicity of climates and differences in the incidence of sunlight. These conditions led many architecture professionals to think about pergolas. The latter generate transitional spaces between the interior and exterior of homes by creating shaded, meeting and resting spaces in the open air; thus meeting the needs of inhabitants.

Depending on your sensibilities you can opt for a rooftop with or without a terrace swimming pool at Alpine 4BHK bungalow.

Community swimming pools, as in clubs, are always popular among those who love a healthy life or are fitness freaks. Over time, individualism has prevailed. Homeowners now want their own place of aquatic escapism to use as they please; more as wallows in the hot months than fitness zones. So began the concept of the private backyard pool which soon became popular in the urban landscape. At your Alpine 4BHK bungalow the developer, Gems Group, gives you the option to choose between a private rooftop pool and additional rooftop terrace space for recreational use.

Amidst manicured lawns and quiet tree-lined avenues looking like they have just popped out of a picture book, bungalows at Gems Bougainvillas, near Joka metro, promise to be a delight to the senses. There are over 600+ bungalows (newer designs on the drawing boards!), the project offers 2BHK row houses, 3BHK & 4BHK bungalows, and 5BHK villas. Families will prefer living in a township like Gems Bougainvillas as against apartment buildings for the simple reason that it will provide the right mix of secured privacy and community living, alongside a host of lifestyle facilities and daily conveniences. Visit the site now and discover all about bungalow living.

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