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March 17, 2021

How To Protect Your Bungalow from Holi Colours

BBY BougainVillas Admin

Most of us look forward to Holi, the festival of colours – it is a celebration of happiness and joy. But, would you like your beautiful home to be stained with Holi gulal or water balloons? Surely not! Once the festival fun is over, a look at your home with colour stains all over your furniture, walls and floor could leave you with the huge challenge of getting rid of them.

Bungalows at Gems Bougainvillas are made with simple plasterwork and subdued colours that stay on for years with a little protection. Beautiful outdoors must be complimented with beautiful indoors as well. With a little care you can keep both the inside and outdoor of your home or bungalow clean from Holi colours while you enjoy Holi.

Whether it is your 3 BHK villa in Kolkata, a bungalow or apartment, this year Gems BougainVilllas brings you some tips to keep your home spotless clean from Holi colours. Here’s how:

Playing with Holi Colours

While playing with colours on Holi, use stain free organic, dry colours. Try and avoid the water colours as much as possible. Not only do they increase the chances of leaving permanent marks on the floor of your house, due to their strong chemical compositions, but can also be very harmful for your skin. Avoid mixing mud with colours. It makes it all the messier.

Painting Your Bungalow or House

An extra layer of anti-stain varnish on your oil painted walls with can protect them from stain. You can also paint your house with easy clean paint. Colours on these walls can be easily wiped away with a piece of cloth making them look fresh and clean as new. If you plan to play Holi at the backyard of your Gems BougainVilla bungalow, you can also try and cover the walls that you might come in contact with, using plastic sheets, sticking the sheets to the walls with a back to back adhesive tape.

Floor and Tile Clean Up

Make a solution of water and baking powder in a bucket. Pour the solution on colour stains on the floor. Let it dry, then wipe off the stains with a newspaper first followed by a rag. Clean your tiles especially the ones in your bathroom which are more likely to get stained using the same solution. Before you enter your bathroom floor, place a sheet of plastic on the floor where you will be taking a shower. This will prevent you from messing up the floor unnecessarily. Do this especially if you have children in the house playing Holi.

Cleaning Your Furniture

When you buy villa be it in Kolkata or anywhere else, your precious furniture in the villa, with stains of Holi colours would surely not be a sight to behold. Use a cotton ball dipped in spirit and wipe off the stains on your furniture before they dry up, especially if they are made of wood. You can also clean your furniture with a sponge dipped in hydrogen peroxide solution. Clean using gloves to protect your hands from any chemical reaction.

Washing Your Curtains

Don’t wait for a day or two to clean your curtains wet with Holi colours. Right after the festival, take off your curtains and soak them in a bucket of water with baking soda, white vinegar or lemon juice for 20 mins. Then, scrub the stained area softly with a cotton wool. Now dip the curtains back in a bucket of Genteel or washing soap solution for 30 mins – rinse and wash again in plain water before leaving it to dry in the open.

Cleaning glass surfaces and windows

AMix baking soda and water- wipe your glass surfaces with a piece of rag dipped in this solution to get rid of any stains from water colours. You can also use a spirit spray. Wipe off fresh stains on mirrors with a newspaper.

Protecting door handles

Wrap your door handles or any places that people are likely to touch with their coloured hands using bubble wrap paper, plastic or newspapers. In fact, try and cover all delicate surfaces which might be damaged with colours on exposure, with paper or plastic. This includes, furniture kept in your backyard or terrace as well, the most likely places where you could end up playing with colours. You can also coat your door knobs with turpentine oil or petroleum jelly. This will help the colours to come of easily on a single wipe.

Follow these simple tips from Gems Bougainvillas this Holi and enjoy the beautiful festival of colours with an extra layer of protection for your home as well, apart from maintaining social distancing as a protection for yourself and your family in the times of the Covid pandemic.

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