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March 27, 2021

Enjoy The Seasons Amidst Nature at Gems Bougainvillas

BBY BougainVillas Admin

The season of Spring is synonymous with growth and regeneration. It is that time of the year when nature sheds away its grey tones and is painted in various hues of red, yellow and green. The time, when you are woken up by happy chirping birds and smell of sweet flowers. Now, you can enjoy the beauty of Spring and all the seasons around the year at your bungalow in Gems Bougainvillas, a residential bungalow project near Joka Metro, offering luxurious villas for sale in Kolkata.

Gems Bougainvillas is a place where seasons reside in their full glory. Set amidst serene outdoors, spread across a large area near the Joka Metro station, every independent house for sale at Boungainvillas in Kolkata comes with indoor and outdoor amenities amidst 65% greenery, to let you enjoy the best of seasons in your own home, close to nature.

Wake up to the sound of birds

Start your day by waking up to the sound of a beautiful voice of chirping birds that have also made their home in the trees that surround your bungalow in this gated community villas at Gems Boungainvillas in Kolkata.

Have your morning tea amongst greenery

Step out into your cosy front garden that comes with every bungalow at Gems Bougainvillas. Sip your cup of morning tea as you watch the fresh new Spring leaves sway with the fresh morning breeze. Open your wide windows of your bungalow and let the sun slip into every corner. Enjoy your mornings from our spacious balconies.

Watch your flowers bloom in the backyard or terrace

Our villas come with terrace area and front and side lawns up to 526 sq. feet. Enough space for you to set up your dream garden with flowers and plants of your choice. Watch the beautiful flowers bloom every spring in your very own garden, it will surely bring a smile across your face.

Let your children play outdoors

You always want to give your child a memorable childhood amidst nature even though they have been born into a world of concrete jungles. Now you can do that at Gems Bougainvillas. Our beautiful outdoor parks with special play area for kids will invite your children to leave their digital devices indoors and indulge in enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Walk or jog in the parks and gardens

Enjoy the beauty of spring with your family and spouse on our evergreen premises. Take a walk in the park, jog on the jogging tracks, sit by the waterside and watch the ducks cluck with joy, workout outdoors, play tennis or basketball! There is so much you can do!

We believe in bringing back openness and greenery to residential projects. Discover 7 different bungalow types at Gems Bougainvillas and end your search to find the perfect bungalow for sale in Kolkata amidst nature. Named after trees, choose from Deodar, Mahogany, Maple, Cedar, Ebony, Alpine and Chestnut range of villas for sale in Kolkata at Gems Bougainvillas. Every 2 BHK and 3 BHK bungalow comes with a design and layout that suggest an elegance rooted in all things natural. Bring back the simple joys of life and enjoy every season- Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter in its purest form at a home, where indoors mingle with outdoors.

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