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December 25, 2020

Buy an Apartment or a Bungalow – Which One Offers a Better Lifestyle?

BBY BougainVillas Admin

People are much inclined to buy an apartment as they think owning a bungalow can dig a hole in their pocket. However, this is no longer the truth. Gems Bougainvillas comes with their new 50+ acre residential project that has over 600+ beautiful bungalows for sale in South Kolkata within the budget of a new apartment.

Living in an apartment can be good but staying in a luxurious bungalow that comes at the same price segment as an apartment is a boon for a lifetime. As we all know, staying in an independent house is better than living in shared premises any day. Let us have a closer look at how a bungalow can offer the best lifestyle to your family:

Independent living

An apartment may fulfil all the necessary requirements for your living. However, it fails to provide you with space and privacy that you deserve with your family. An independent bungalow offers its residents with flexibility, independence, and privacy required for living in peace. You get your own backyard, front garden, terrace, staircase, and parking. This has become a necessity more than a luxury due to the ongoing pandemic. The less you and our family members are open to shared spaces within the premises the less they are prone to catch an infection.

Living close to the nature

The increase in the number of high-rise apartments in our society has deprived us of staying close to nature as the number of public playgrounds is diminishing. This can affect our children’s physical and mental growth as they spend most of the time indoors due to the unavailability of nearby playgrounds. However, in a bungalow, you have your own garden for your children to play in and you to access any time of the day. As a result, you along with your family get the ultimate experience of living freely and close to nature.

Open space concept

As compared to a residential apartment, you never fall short of open space in a bungalow. The open space structure of a bungalow brings additional natural light into the home, increasing your line of vision indoors. With an effective layout, the airy and sunny nature of a bungalow-style home becomes a significant and beneficial feature for everyone living there. In addition, the expanded line of vision is especially helpful for parents who need to keep an eye on small children. Even for the elderly members of the family, this is an important factor of staying in a bungalow.

A paradise for gardening lovers

Fortunate are those who can build their own paradise of beautiful plants and greenery in their own yard amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Gardening itself has many health benefits to offer. No matter how much you invest in an apartment, there will be no scope for independent gardening. Within the bungalow premises, you get to plant your favorite plants and give them life in your own yard.

If you want to live with peace and independence within the noise and bustle of the city, a bungalow can fulfill all your residential desires.

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