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December 10, 2020

Bungalow Living – Experience the True Beauty of Independent Living

BBY BougainVillas Admin

Living in an apartment can be nice. But the ultimate beautiful experience of purely aesthetic living can be gained by living in a bungalow independently. As a result, bungalow living has become the new trend in the real estate sector as people are showing their interests more on independent yet secured living that can only be availed in a bungalow.

Especially due to the pandemic at large, living in a crowded area or even in an apartment has become riskier for anyone residing in it. In a developing country like India, residents are showing keen interests for independent bungalows rather than any other residential unit. And why not, when you can avail a beautiful bungalow at the cost of an apartment in Bougainvillas.

Life in a bungalow especially in Gems Bougainvillas can offer the best living experience for you and your family. Let us check how:

Kid-friendly living and easy accessibility

Any family with young children or a more mature couple in dire need to settle down can choose a bungalow for their living since it comes with the greatest advantage of living with ease. The open-concept floor plans prevent parents from the hassle of monitoring young children moving out anywhere within the premises of a high-rise building. Bungalows come with efficient use of square footage and vertical space; open sightlines with increased natural lights providing more space to entertain family and friends. Life in a bungalow for elderly people with mobility restrictions is of greater ease as they have the ability to independently moving about their home.

Safe living

Bungalows offer a safer living option for people belonging to any age group. They come with a proper gated security facility. Small families with young children find it more ideal and comfortable as they know that their kid does not have to fall in the hands of any unknown visitor. Residential projects in South Kolkata such as the Bougainvillas offer 24/7 CCTV surveillance which living in a bungalow even more secured.

Independent living

This is perhaps the most desired perk of living in a bungalow that sets the beautiful residential structure apart from the rest. You get a unique package of independent living where the view from the terrace to the view from the back yard/front yard is simply meant for you to cherish. Even the staircases, the lobby and the yards are not shared by anyone out of your family. This is even more vital during the onset of the pandemic. As a result, you get to enjoy your personal space devoid of any external influences at home.

Eco-friendly living

Residing in bungalows is always an eco-friendly choice for families who are much more concern about health and nature. Even within a less green space occupied by a bungalow, each family member has easy access to the open at any time of the day. Families with pets also find it convenient while choosing a bungalow as their abode as they do not always have to take their pets far from home for a walk. It also offers less energy consumption indoors as family members get to spend more time close to nature. Moreover, the open-space structure of a bungalow ensures sufficient daylight indoors.

Thus, there are various convenient perks of choosing a bungalow over any other place of residence.

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