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July 27, 2022

The pinnacle of bungalow living, Villa Livello – 4BHK luxury bungalows in Kolkata

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Villa Livello is our range of premium luxury bungalows. Livello is imbued with traditional colonial details and an art deco touch. ‘Colonial’ essentially means architecture that makes a statement of pomp and grandeur. You have only to view this 4bhk bungalow at Gems Bougainvillas (an upcoming residential project) positioned on a total area of 5 katha, with 2486 sq. ft. built-up area and 3166 sq. ft. of total open area, which includes a swimming pool with deck, to agree that it does!

‘Art Deco’ on the other hand, is a style of architecture that emerged in Europe in the 1920s. It is characterised by sleek, linear, often rectangular geometric forms, arranged and broken up by curved ornamental elements. As you look upwards, you will notice the sleek geometry of the various vertical and horizontal corners of Villa Livello. Especially characteristic of the art deco style is the series of terraces and balconies that are set-back, one away from the other, giving a stepped outline to the façade.

Which brings us to the question of how the Chowdhury family of South Kolkata came upon this premium colonial 4BHK bungalow spread over 5 kathas in an upcoming residential bungalow project near Joka? Well…Let’s begin at the beginning.

Mr and Mrs Chowdhury, who have two adolescent children, were looking to build a stylish bungalow house on 5 kathas of land in South Kolkata. The challenges were manifold. One, they were not getting such a piece of freehold land with a clean title in their searches in South Kolkata. Secondly, husband-and-wife just didn’t have any individual time to stand and supervise a house from start to finish. Thirdly, they didn’t want any run-of-the-mill design. They wanted one that suited both their architectural design cravings. Mr Chowdhury loved colonial bungalows whereas Mrs Chowdhury wanted something angular and symmetric – practically, art deco. So you see, both their tastes had to be reconciled in one bungalow design! Not to mention, that their grown-up son and daughter’s wish to have their own individual rooms, farthest from each other, and with a lot of outdoors around, within a gated township, like many of their friends.

So here we are. Each one of the Chowdhury family with their own satisfied, though diversely so, observations of Villa Livello. For instance, looking at the series of terraces and balconies that give a stepped outline to the façade, Mrs Chowdhury claimed, “This looks so beautifully majestic!” To which her 16-year old daughter, Srevanti countered, “I love the idea of being close to nature at every level, mom!”

Mr Chowdhury was in awe of the colonnaded portico and stately entrance. That, and “…the raised lawn with swimming pool and deck, literally raised my expectations!” he declared. To which his 19-year old son, Sreyans countered, “Dad, this front lawn is really cool. It runs all the way to the backyard!”

Both the children loved the fact that the long lobby in the 1073 sq. ft. ground floor carpet area connected the living area and dining rooms, cleverly removing any barriers between indoors and outdoors. Most of all, Sreyans was happy that he could have the ground floor bedroom all to himself – facing the lawn he so loved – which was also far from his snoopy sister’s on the first floor!

The couple were enamoured with the master bedroom on the first floor, surrounded by planter beds (Mrs Chowdhury knew exactly which pretty flowers she would grow there!). The icing on the cake were the family private sitting space to one side of the landing and Srevanti’s bedroom (with its own balcony) next to the spacious guest bedroom to the rear.

The family was united by four must-haves: grandeur, lots of open space, natural light and nature all around. Sure enough they got it, in Villa Livello. A majestic portico flanked by tall columns, a chandeliered dining hall, ample open terraces on the first-floor and a large private one on the second,; tall, sliding doors in the lobby and along the dining room, looking out on the private pool, and a lawn so large you will never get one like it in a Kolkata home, all to yourself!

Discover bungalow living at Gems Bougainvillas – located near Joka, it is South Kolkata’s most lovable residential bungalow project, with 12 styles of unique bungalows and villas. Visit the site to see the experience centre and watch the construction proceed swiftly in front of your eyes.

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