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August 18, 2022

Bungalows with a rooftop bedroom, Maple – 3BHK Bungalows near Joka Metro

BBY BougainVillas Admin

Imagine waking up in a rooftop bedroom surrounded by a 241 sq. ft. private terrace. All around is 1.34 katha of land that belongs to you, on which is built 1268 sq. ft. of the handsomest bungalow property in South Kolkata – yours! – with a rich, wooden finish on the exterior and warm earthy colours to pamper the nature lover in you. This is Maple, a 3BHK bungalow whose design suggests elegance rooted in all things natural. The stuff your dreams are made of.

A soothing green front-and-side lawn of 206 sq. ft., with an eye-catching raised portion, greets the eye, next to a 116 sq. ft. car park area. A lawn such as this, that isn’t too large and monotonous, can be both aesthetically and emotionally pleasing. 168 sq. ft. is devoted to a backyard which can be used for a family kitchen garden where your dear ones can get together and grow things; inspired by the words of Spencer W. Kimball, “Where you have a plot of land, however small, plant a garden. Staying close to the soil is good for the soul.”

Let’s take an inside tour of this elegant 3BHK bungalow in an upcoming residential bungalow project in Joka, Kolkata. The ground floor of 333 sq. ft. carpet area comprises separate living room and dining room areas, interspersed with a kitchen and toilet. Two flights of indoor stairs lead up to the first floor, where one is greeted by two large bedrooms with corresponding toilets. A large-ish balcony leads out from the bedroom in front and a smaller sit-out is attached to the one at the rear. Together that constitutes 77 sq. ft. of balcony area.

From the first floor, stairs lead up to the exquisitely designed rooftop that houses a bedroom with toilet, a lush terrace garden and a separate terrace seating arrangement to relax the body and refresh the mind.

A small bedroom on the rooftop is like a gift to yourself! It is not just about creating interiors that save up on space. It is a combination of style and space consciousness that exudes balance and panache. Lack of space is, more often than not, made up by cosiness and close proximity to nature. Compact bedrooms can appear as lavish and luxurious as any other that is blessed with ample space. In a world where studio apartments and city lofts are becoming more and more common, savvy design seems an absolute must. That is what you will most appreciate about Maple 3BHK bungalow’s rooftop bedroom.

In addition, being surrounded by a terrace garden and a seating arrangement on your own private terrace can be most expansive – maximising one’s living space, connecting with nature and becoming a place to hangout anytime of the day. If you own a dog or cat, it’s the safest spot for your pet to enjoy some fresh air and gambol.

On hot summer nights your Maple 3BHK bungalow’s raised ground floor lawn will be the hot entertainment spot, be assured. On sunny winter mornings, your private terrace with garden will turn into the awesome outdoor working spot you so want. Or simply, a place to laze in the sun… Just think about that.

Bungalows like Maple at a premium residential project in Kolkata like Gems Bougainvillas turn the assumption on its head that such stand-alone properties cannot be affordable. Add to that the right mix of privacy and community living, alongside a host of lifestyle facilities and daily conveniences; and you will appreciate why they are being lapped up by buyers. Visit this site near Kolkata’s Joka metro station now and discover all about bungalow living.

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