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March 16, 2023

Cheers to Open Spaces – Bungalow life at Gems Bougainvillas Joka!

BBY BougainVillas Admin
Living in an urban environment is demanding. Busy and competitive lifestyles leave people numbed from the effects of stress. In fact, medical research has found that individuals in urban areas are more prone to stress related ailments and exhibit a noticeable lack of personal connection.

For them, living in a Gems Bougainvillas bungalow in Joka could be almost therapeutic in that respect.

First of all, Joka is far from the noise and air pollution of Kolkata, yet a part that is easily accessible by road and Metro Rail. Secondly, it is a 50 acre residential bungalow project within a secure gated environment, with 65% area preserved as open space.

Each bungalow at Gems Bougainvillas is surrounded by swathes of green – manicured lawns and quiet tree-lined avenues for cars to drive in and out. And that includes all 600+ bungalows of 12 kinds (newer designs on the drawing boards!) comprising 2BHK row houses, 3BHK & 4BHK bungalows and 5BHK villas.

Big or small, every Gems Bougainvillas bungalow has a private terrace. A few potted plants and a seating arrangement can offer a great way to unwind at the end of the day – connecting with nature and becoming a place to hangout anytime. For animal lovers, it’s the safest spot for pets to enjoy some fresh air and gambol – without having to take the permission of neighbours as is the practice in apartment blocks.

What an opportunity to wake up to birdsong lounging in bed in the midst of nature, so to speak. If your day begins with yoga, all you need to do is just step out on to your front lawn with your yoga mat, or on to your very own terrace, for the most natural Surya Pranam facing the welcoming rays of the rising sun. Begin your breathing exercises inhaling fresh, clean air… Who will say you live in a house in south Kolkata!

Among the 12 types of bungalows, there will be some with a patio terrace on the first floor. It’s a way to create an openness and let the indoors extend outwards naturally. A patio acts as an extension to any room, in this case a bedroom; and will be a delightful place to while away the time or be the emperor of all that you survey.

Living in a bungalow in Gems Bougainvillas is a singular way to enjoy the outdoors even after sundown in new and out-of-the-box ways. Think of those celebratory nights under the stars, the sit-around barbeques… You could start an outdoor hobby, for instance, skywatching with the family. You won’t get a clearer sky anywhere else in Kolkata city! Set a sturdy desktop mounted telescope, which swings along the axes of altitude and azimuth, on your own rooftop terrace and… reach for the stars!

Those who love a healthy life or are fitness freaks have the option of Gems Bougainvillas bungalows that come with a rooftop pool. The developer, Gems Group, provides a choice to those who would rather have additional rooftop terrace space for recreational use, than a pool. The choice is yours. A swim in the outdoors or a game of TT or badminton on the roof!

Living in a bungalow township like Gems Bougainvillas, as against apartment buildings, will offer far more opportunities to lead a healthy, outdoorsy life in a pollution-free environment amidst plenty of greenery. The security of a gated community is there. Upwardly mobile neighbours of similar social class and aspirations will form the community around you – thereby respecting your privacy too. Alongside two lifestyle Clubs and daily convenience stores situated within the campus, you couldn’t ask for a more contented life.

Visit the site now and discover all about bungalow living.

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