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February 26, 2023

Gardens of your own – Life at Gems Bougainvillas Joka

BBY BougainVillas Admin
I have always dreamed of a garden I can call my own…however small. While savouring nature in public parks and private gardens, it finally struck me, ‘Why not?’

A really cool project had come up in Joka, southwest Kolkata, comprising 12 types of affordable bungalows. It had already won Credai Bengal’s 2022 ‘Best Ongoing Villa Project’ award. It was called Gems Bougainvillas and each bungalow came with a front and side lawn, a backyard and a private terrace, among other things. It was my opportunity…

I discovered that Gems Bougainvillas Joka was a more than 50- acre residential bungalow project with over 600 independent houses for sale, near Joka Metro. It had the right mix of privacy and community living, alongside a host of upscale lifestyle amenities and daily conveniences! The project had earmarked 65% as open space, was in the midst of nature and comprised 2, 3, 4 BHK bungalows and 5BHK villas – each of the 12 types with a rather fetching name.

Gems Bougainvillas Joka seemed to be telling me that the notion that stand-alone properties cannot be affordable was untrue.

Eventually, I chose a 3BHK that had a compact front-and-side lawn, not too large and not too small, with a backyard that could be used for a kitchen garden. Inspired by the words, “Staying close to the soil is good for the soul” I was simply raring to go – get together with my near and dear ones and grow things in my garden; not just in one, but THREE – front-and-side, in the backyard and on the terrace!

A garden, however tiny, can be really tony if it is on a rooftop. This impression probably crept into my mind because once upon a time penthouse suites, on the top floors of luxury towers, were the ones associated with rooftop gardens. Now, Gems Bougainvillas was giving me that option. What a pleasure!

The past decade has seen the dawn of a new awareness: for the need to live amidst greenery, not just for the aesthetics of sight and scent, but for all the goodness it can bring to the body and soul. Against a backdrop of rising levels of air pollution and tree cutting (to make way for development projects) it appears that garden plants have emerged as our conscience-keepers.

Modern day apartments don’t come with the delight of gardens and private terraces. Gems Bougainvillas bungalows and villas, near Joka Metro, do! Each one of them. No wonder bookings have picked up, as home buyers are indeed looking for exclusive yet affordable bungalows and villas for, apart from all else, the freedom of private open spaces!

So, what’s stopping you from cultivating that enviable little garden, nay three, like me? Just keep in mind a few things:

Visit the Gems Bougainvillas site near Joka Metro and discover all about bungalow living.

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