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October 23, 2021

Bungalow lovers are finally indulging in purchase of luxury bungalows

BBY BougainVillas Admin

Kolkata has had very limited options for luxury bungalows in its real estate market. This has changed with the launch of Gems Bougainvillas near Joka metro. Bungalow lovers can finally explore a wide range of bungalows and indulge in the purchase of a lifetime.

Bungalow lovers are a very particular kind – they enjoy their privacy and want to be close to nature, they prefer peace and quiet and are willing to spend more in order to attain this lifestyle. There are many families in Kolkata who would prefer to live in their own bungalow but could not since the market offered only high-end properties and usually far from the city with limited accessibility.

Gems Bougainvillas is offering 7 different bungalow types (in 2bhk row houses, 3bhk bungalows, 4bhk bungalows, 4bhk villa and 5bhk villa) in a 50-acre project with 65% greenery. All bungalows have ample outdoor space and many can be customised to include a private pool. With private terraces, large balconies, private parking and spacious living areas, these luxury bungalows are just the indulgence that bungalow lovers want.

Lay in leisure in your own private garden

The ultimate indulgence for any bungalow lover is to kick back and spend a few relaxing hours in the shade or sun, in their own private garden. Bougainvillas offers many opportunities for private outdoor life. There is open space on all sides of the bungalow, this open space has a front garden that is usually raised and has access via the front gate and living room; a side lawn that connects the front garden and backyard lawn. These outdoor spaces can be used for breakfast, an afternoon siesta, gardening, outdoor get togethers, play areas for children, etc.

Relish the view of your own house from the balcony

No flat or apartment can match the feeling of looking out of your balcony to see your own private garden downstairs. Bungalow lovers cherish the feeling of living on their own property and the countless rewarding moments it offers. Some bungalow variants at Bougainvillas will have planters lining the outside of the balconies, making the view replete with greenery everywhere you look.

Reap what you sow in your own garden

A popular desire among bungalow lovers is to have their own garden. All bungalow lovers try to do some kind of gardening even if they live in a flat. Having a bungalow with ample outdoor space and natural light can set this desire free. This represents the pinnacle of freedom for bungalow lovers, all of whom plan to utilise the open space at the ground level and terrace, too, for their gardening activities.

Live in your own house, on your own land

The novelty of landowning is not lost on bungalow lovers. Home buyers much prefer owning land, since it comes with great financial security and guarantee of a future return, not to mention the pride in living in your own house on your own land. This aspect of home owning is much cherished by bungalow lovers.

Gems Bougainvillas is offering a range of bungalows near Joka Metro, these luxury bungalows have swiftly become a popular property due to affordability, location, product range, proximity to nature and the availability of all facilities and conveniences within the project. We hope to see more families visit the site and see the project for themselves.

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