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December 24, 2021

Joka: the best location in Kolkata to buy independent homes or bungalows?

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What is the best location for independent bungalows in Kolkata? Bungalow lovers look for tranquillity and want to live at a distance from the chaos of the city’s main thoroughfares; they prefer a predominance of nature in their surroundings and look forward to spending time in open spaces. This desire to live in a peaceful environment away from the clamour of city life is what Gems Bougainvillas wishes to fulfil; it is also what makes Joka the best suited for development of bungalows.

Away from the crowd of the city

Despite being right next to South Kolkata, Joka is sufficiently separated from the hustle and bustle of the city; even now, after many new residential projects and developments, the area is largely unsettled. In particular, Gems Bougainvillas location is a few minutes’ drive from Joka Metro, in an entirely fresh plot of land with vast amounts of open space on all sides.

Perfect balance between connectivity and separation

The major factor influencing real estate development in Joka is the upcoming Joka Metro, set to be launched later this year. This new line will allow great connectivity and reduce commute times to any part of the city; allowing home-buyers to worry less and less about accessibility. With Joka Metro, the area is able to create a perfect balance between distance from the crowd and connectivity to the rest of the city.

A natural environment

As any bungalow lover would appreciate, Gems Bougainvillas is built in the midst of a sprawling green landscape. To enhance the sense of living in a lush, natural environment, this bungalow project will have 17 different parks & gardens and a bunch of waterbodies. What stands out in Joka is the openness; there is sufficient separation between homes, the lanes are not tightly packed and the area does not have many tall buildings: leaving the door open for freshness and breeze. Such a location lends itself very well to the development of independent bungalows.

12 types of bungalows

Gems Bougainvillas is a platter of lovable bungalows: in 12 different architectural styles and in various configurations, this residential bungalow project offers the luxury of choice within the same project, a quality not common in Kolkata’s real estate market. From 2BHK row houses to 3BHK bungalows, and even premium villas, Gems Bougainvillas offers the very best of bungalow living.

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