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March 28, 2022

Thinking of relocating to a home in Joka? Here are some key points to consider.

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For home buyers, choosing a neighbourhood is like looking for the perfect restaurant – it can’t be too far, but not too close either; the food must be just right, with the perfect balance of familiarity and newness; the interior and ambience should be largely pleasing, and it should be the kind of place you can take both friends and family. Truth be told, we’re all looking for an easy-going place that surprises us without shocking us. Looking for a neighbourhood is a lot like this.

Joka hits the sweet spot right in the middle – it is Kolkata’s newest residential hub, its most promising growth area, it isn’t desolate like other parts of the city, it’s close to Central and South Kolkata, it also has ample hospitals and schools, and most crucially, it will soon have a metro line that connects it to the rest of the city. This is what gives Joka the ‘just right’ factor – not too much nor too little, neither here nor there – only precisely right.

If you are thinking of buying a home in or around Joka, here are some points to consider:

a. How will the metro affect commuting to and from Joka?

The new metro line connects Joka through Taratala to the oldest line, at Park Street. The new metro line, going north along Diamond Harbour, will allow passengers to commute to Park Street in 20 mins or less. Presently, the commute takes about an hour via Diamond Harbour Road, which is routinely congested.

Located only minutes from Joka Metro station, Gems Bougainvillas is providing a dedicated bus service to ply residents to and from the metro station.

b. Is the value of real estate in Joka going up?

Both developers and home buyers have shown great interest in the Joka, Thakurpukur areas – basically, anywhere south of Behala Chowrasta. For the last few years, these regions have witnessed swift development of various kinds of real estate projects, single or double tower apartments, large residential projects, and even a bungalow project like Gems Bougainvillas. Much of this is driven by the development of the metro line, but there are other factors: established connectivity by road, rapid population growth without much government intervention, existence of daily conveniences, etc.

While there is a lot of development ongoing in Joka, the rates are steadily rising due to high demand.

c. How well connected is Joka right now?

Connectivity is perhaps the most crucial aspect of any residential neighbourhood. Joka strikes the sweet spot between accessibility and serenity. Connected to South Kolkata via James Long Sarani and Diamond Harbour Road, residents can reach South Kolkata within 30 mins. The distance between Gems Bougainvillas and Joka metro is 4.2 km, and can be traversed in 10 mins by car. From Joka, much of the city can be easily accessed, making the region a fitting residential hub.

Not too far from the city centre and connected to the rest of the city via James Long Sarani and Diamond Harbour Road, Joka is an ideal region for residential development.

d. Is Joka prepared for a residential boom?

For a variety of reasons, Joka seems all-ready to welcome thousands of new families as its residents; in fact, this blog written why Joka is well positioned to be a hub for real estate. Some of these factors are the presence of hospitals, schools, banks, colleges, transport services, etc. Additionally, Joka has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants which are already doing well.

With the support of daily needs facilities, educational institutes, transport services, and a large area ripe for development, Joka is ready for its residential boom.

Located close to Joka metro, Gems City is a cluster of many apartment complexes in a large gated community with many lifestyle, entertainment, leisure and sports facilities. Offering substantial daily conveniences, the project has been one of the fastest selling residential projects in the city. To know more about our project, visit the site – call 03340401010, or visit our site.

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