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October 19, 2021

For large families, duplex bungalows are better than 3/4bhk flats

BBY BougainVillas Admin

Duplex bungalows offer more space indoors and outdoors, private outdoor areas and terrace, more balconies and more comfort – this is why large families (more than 4 members) are preferring bungalow offerings over 3/4bhk flats.

Gems Bougainvillas has sold a few hundred bungalows this year, and is swiftly becoming a favourite among home buyers in the city. One of the reasons of the residential bungalows project’s popularity is that these 3bhk bungalows & 4bhk bungalows offer the much needed space and comfort these families are looking for. Compared to flats, apartments, and even duplex, bungalows can offer large garden areas, private terraces, more storage space and proximity to nature. This is what home buyers are looking for. Gems Bougainvillas was offering a solution to a real problem, this encouraged many home buyers to enter the market even though they may not have been looking for bungalows to begin with.

More space at home

Bungalows offer far better space and storage solutions than flats – they offer more space for cabinets, racks and tables. With a family of more than 4 members, the need for space can become the driving force for a purchase. The needs of little children and senior members of the family are wide ranging and can also trigger for a purchase. This is certainly the case for many buyers at Gems Bougainvillas.

Much needed outdoor space

Having a private outdoor space is something all home buyers would prefer to have. Except this is not a common offering in the Kolkata real estate market. By offering a front lawn area, side garden space and a backyard lawn, Gems Bougainvillas became a sought after product in the Kolkata real estate market. Families prefer having their own outdoor space since it guarantees convenience for senior members and safety & ensured accessibility for children. A private outdoor space also matches the lifestyle preference for many bungalow lovers, who have all much appreciated Gems Bougainvillas.

The problem of cramped bedrooms

Nobody wants cramped bedrooms, with little space to move. Families usually face this problem a few years after moving into any property, as the number of appliances grows and more storage space is needed. This problem can persist in even large 3bhk or 4bhk flats. However, bungalows offer many more opportunities for storage—under the stairs, on the terrace, in larger living areas, etc.

No trade off in space vs price

We understand how price sensitive home buying can be. Although one of the reasons for Bougainvillas’ success is its affordability – we offer 1000+ sq. ft. bungalows in the ₹40-50 lacs range. Home buyers no longer have to choose a smaller flat just because it is affordable.

Land ownership

It is still considered a matter of pride to be a landowner, because it gives great financial stability to any home owner. This is another important aspect that separates Gems Bougainvillas from projects offering flats in high-rises.

All in all, Bougainvillas has a strong offering of residential bungalows in the following types – 2bhk row houses, 3bhk bungalows, 4bhk bungalows and even 4 & 5bhk villas for premium category buyers. Their spaciousness, proximity to nature, architectural variation and strategic location make them a great choice for first-home buyers with large families.

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