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December 12, 2021

Why is it better to buy a bungalow in a project than to make one yourself?

BBY BougainVillas Admin

The dream of ‘owning your own house’ is a precious one. Families take great pride in homes they build themselves; naturally, since it is a great labour of love. At Gems Bougainvillas, we understand this dream very well. This inspired us to develop bungalows in Kolkata, in the city’s most expansive bungalow project yet.

Building your own house can be the ultimate dream, but it comes with many (often complicated) challenges: purchase of land, a mountain of paperwork, dealing with various contractors, practical concerns of law and vetting, and largely entering a domain in which one is not an expert. Besides, this can be a terribly expensive effort.

Gems Bougainvillas feels that it can offer the amount of personalisation and choice home-buyers seek, while still offering affordability and convenience. Starting from ₹60 lacs (as of Jan 2021), we can help you find the perfect match.

The most lovable bungalows in Kolkata

TOffering 12 types of bungalows in 2bhk, 3bhk, 4bhk and 5bhk variants in a largely natural setting (65% greenery) with 17 types of parks, multiple waterbodies, and a plethora of daily conveniences and domestic services, Gems Bougainvillas is one of the most compelling offering for bungalows in Kolkata right now. Further, they are located close to Joka metro, which will soon be an extremely well-connected location in the city.

Own your own land

When our customers own their own bungalow, they own the land, too: which is the dream, isn’t it? This is quite a popular reason for our buyers, since they end up saving a significant amount of cost. Each bungalow comes with its private open space, with a front garden, a backyard and a side lawn.

Major cost savings in home-buying

Buying a bungalow with plot of land at Bougainvillas is considerably more affordable than purchasing your own land and building a bungalow there yourself. Being a developer making a large project, we can take the advantage of scale and offer homes at a far more affordable price.

The luxury of choice and personalisation

Unlike most real estate projects in the city, Gems Bougainvillas offers the freedom of choice and customisation that home buyers seek. The need for personalisation in bungalows is perhaps even more; and we can offer some degree of customisation to our customers with 12 types of bungalows, options for pool, and variants within types.

Cut the clutter, dodge the hassle

It’s true, building your own home is a massive pre-occupation, beyond the sheer financial weight of the project. So, buying your own bungalow at Gems Bougainvillas may be the convenient option you are looking for.

Located near Joka metro, Gems Bougainvillas is well-connected, but safely tucked away from the din of the city. Discover lovable bungalows at our project and find your perfect match.

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