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August 22, 2021

A bungalow project away from the commotion, but close to convenience

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Located away from crowded residential areas, Bougainvillas plans to provide ample daily conveniences to residents. This is a major obstacle for home buyers, and is considered a daunting challenge. Gems Bougainvillas wants to offer bungalow lovers the life they want, and helping them overcome major hurdles in the home buying process is a part of it.

Living away from the commotion of the city

Any bungalow lover would prefer to live in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, away from busy streets, noisy markets and honking cars. Bougainvillas is comfortably insulated from the commotion of the main road or markets in Joka. The entire stretch south of Joka metro is sparsely populated and has vast patches of greenery. Visitors to the site appreciate the great openness and freshness in the area.

The western half of South Kolkata is a rapidly developing area, with a residential boom in Joka. This is where Gems Bougainvillas is situated, offering 3BHK bungalows, 4BHK villas and even premium 5BHK villas, nested within a green expanse. The locality has many residential complexes, but as of August 2021, Bougainvillas is the only bungalow project in the area.

The hassle of finding daily needs near you

The most daunting challenge for any new home owner in a new locality is searching for and finding the right vendors for daily needs and emergencies. Gems Bougainvillas creates a welcoming project with an array of various conveniences for daily use.

Managing daily needs is easier with a mobile app

Gems Bougainvillas is introducing smart technology to residential living in Kolkata. A mobile app will be integrated with your home security system and with the project’s facilities. This will allow residents to contact security in an instant, do online shopping, remotely view their CCTV, and even book on-call services like plumber, electrician, physiotherapist etc.

Located only minutes from Joka Metro, Gems Bougainvillas is presently South Kolkata’s largest bungalow project, with swiftly selling bungalows since its launch. By providing the widest range of conveniences, Gems Bougainvillas secures your daily needs and cuts the hassle out of moving to a new locality. With all your regular needs at arm’s length, you will be able to focus on living the way you want, in a bungalow of your own.

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