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July 22, 2022

Your flight of freedom from flats – 2bhk bungalows at Gems Bougainvillas

BBY BougainVillas Admin

Many a times you have told yourself how nice it would be to live in your own home in South Kolkata, free from the everyday bothers of sharing your building with other flats. Well… look no further. Deodar – 2BHK Row Houses could become your first flight to freedom.

AA modern bungalow-type independent home, Deodar is actually inspired by the concept of row houses and offers the luxury of open space; and the comfort of a home without sharing the building with other flats. Many home buyers like you have been looking for spacious homes and independent bungalows in South Kolkata… Gems Bougainvillas’ Deodar is a first response to this desire, away from the crowd, but well-connected via Joka metro; privately-owned and full of greenery.

In order to appreciate Bougainvillas Deodar, you will first need to know what a classical row house is. Only then can you appreciate where Gems Group has built more value into the concept.

Row houses are single-family homes, very much like a bungalow with a differentiation that similar homes are arranged in a row, giving it the name of row houses. A row house development will have a minimum of residential properties side by side but they do not share the same stairway or exits.

In the pre-British Raj era, India was mostly made up of bungalows and small villas that housed the families of landholders with their joint families and servants. The concept of apartments or co-living wasn’t the norm back then. Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, the man behind Chandigarh’s planned city status, introduced the concept of row houses to this country for the first time.

Gems Bougainvillas’ Deodar is the answer to the question: Do bungalows have to be expensive residential projects like they usually are? Or is it possible to have a range of affordable bungalows? You can. Gems Bougainvillas has made it possible in their upcoming residential project in Kolkata.

Deodar – 2BHK blends the Indian aesthetic with the changing needs of urban residential projects to offer a community living experience with sufficient privacy for each plot. The plasterwork is simple with subdued colours and the exposed brickwork on the frontage gives the bungalow a distinct touch of Indian-ness.

Built on 1.14 katha of land, each independent unit of Deodar is surrounded by lush 85 sq. ft. of front and side lawn, 134 sq. ft. of backyard lawn and a car parking area of 146 sq. ft. Walk up the four flights of steps into a spacious ground floor, comprising an expansive living room off to one side of a long corridor that, in turn, leads to an open-style kitchen cum dining area and before that, a toilet.

Next to the kitchen cum dining space is a flight of stairs to the first floor. The large-ish landings are ideal to keep a few potted plants or a cosy sitting arrangement or even a jacket stand. The first floor has a master bedroom with attached bathroom to the rear and another slightly smaller one towards the front. Both bedrooms have ample space for a double bed along with space for bedside accessories and a ceiling-to-floor built-in wooden almirah or multipurpose cupboard.

Both first floor bedrooms overlook the lawns – one, the backyard and the other, the front and side. The bedroom in front is contiguous with a cute balcony or veranda that leads straight from the first floor staircase landing towards the front, and overlooks one side of the house.

Land up on the private terrace of 280 sq. ft. above the first floor…and feel your heart break out into song. The beauty of this area is not just that you don’t have to share it with anyone else except your dear ones, but that you also have the choice of a front sit-out and a more private one to the rear. Take your pick. It’s all yours.

Discover the pleasures of living in your own bungalow, near Joka Metro. Visit our site now.

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