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Outdoor & Nature

Amidst nature, return to childhood wonder

A world of outdoor bliss awaits you at Bougainvillas. Here, you can be close to the natural environment, which you can’t have in the crowded city. Life in the private, independent bungalows at Bougainvillas is magnanimous and the outdoors present a wonderland of experiences close to nature. Discover them below.

  • Performance Zone
  • Sunken
  • Amphitheatre
  • Festival Stage
  • Party Lawn
  • Food kiosks
  • Barbecue deck
  • Ghat
  • Celebration/
    Gathering zone
  • Pet Park
  • Mist Garden
  • Shade Garden
  • Bird Park
  • Canopy Garden
  • Butterfly Park
  • Bougainvillea Garden
  • Forest Trail
  • Maze Garden
  • Mom N’ Me Park
  • Breeze Garden
  • Aroma Garden
  • Dew Mounds
  • Trellised Walk
  • Palm grove
  • Organic farm
Bougainvillas is a bungalow living project near Joka Metro in South Kolkata. Discover bungalow types.
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