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December 25, 2022

Tips to make your bungalow interiors a treat!

BBY BougainVillas Admin
At Gems Bougainvillas, we believe that a few well-informed suggestions vetted by experts can work wonders for your bungalow interiors, whether 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK or 5BHK. So, we have selected a few easy-to-implement tips to make your bungalow / villa interiors a visual treat, for you and your guests.

Calm and Cosy

A sure-shot way to create a sense of calm and quiet is to add warmer tones through paint and upholstery; and natural materials like stone to help strike a balance in a living space. Statement fabrics add a fresh, warm take to a space. Window curtains and throw pillows are a great place to start.

Modern is Minimalist

These days the ‘less is more’ look is becoming the in-thing in the world of modern interiors, especially among young marrieds. Minimalism, or minimalist design as it is called, doesn’t have to be boring just because there are fewer things. Concentrate on creating impressive focal points, clean lines and big windows to keep things interesting.

Play with Paper

Good old wallpaper is back… and better than ever! The option of peel-and-stick along with an abundance of design variants make it an ideal choice to dramatically transform your bedroom and living room walls to actually resemble different locations, reflect moods and reinforce settings.

Tackle the Telly

TThe ever present TV though a provider of non-stop indoor entertainment can be quite an eyesore when not in use. Given its position in the living room as a cynosure of all eyes it is quite a challenge to render it unobtrusive. One way is to mount it in such a way so as to draw the eye elsewhere, like towards a statement picture-frame or centre-piece. Or, add open shelving and eye-catching decor, where a TV will quickly fade into the background.

Splash of Colour

Get creative by playing with bright colours. Objet d’art, throw pillows and paint choices are all a good place to start. Painting the walls a dark colour is an easy way to make a statement. You can still stick to a neutral colour palette when aiming to design a modern living room. Adding in different textures and materials will keep the space lived-in and inviting.

Outdoors Inside

A living space surrounded by windows invites the outdoor landscape in and blissfully merges both indoor and outdoor living. Complete the look by bringing natural woods and textures inside, for instance, a raw wood coffee table. Greenery is a necessary design element in every indoor space too, providing interesting texture and a needed softness.

Play to a Gallery

A gallery wall is a fun and easy way to showcase art and photos that are meaningful to you. It adds a personal touch to a room and can help extend the modern feel depending on what you chose to display. You may like to use a part of your living room wall as a gallery wall or, on a more personal note, the wall facing your bed in the bedroom. Either way, please ensure that the content is a statement of who you are in a pleasing and aesthetic manner.

Add and Subtract

It is amazing how a design detail as small as wall panels can completely transform and update a space. Add a fresh coat of paint on top to make it even more chic. Add some built-in shelving if you need to elevate any space. It provides both storage and serves as a beautiful display unit. Nothing is more breath-taking than a good view through floor-to-ceiling windows. You could consider enlarging an existing living room window by taking out unnecessary wall to provide the illusion of being outdoors, while still maintaining the comforts of home.

See the Light

Last but not the least, don’t forget lighting. It is one of the most important design elements in a space. If you’re striving for a modern look, pick light fixtures that feel contemporary and chic. Direct lighting has become passé. Bounce or indirect lighting is here to stay; as is an optimum mix of white and yellow light. The latter makes up for the lack of warmth that the former more than makes up for in terms of contrast and clarity. You might like to use white lights only in the kitchen and in toilets, and a mixed combination in living- and bed-rooms.

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